Sunday, 30 December 2007

Glass fusing-How To start!

Hello again!
I'm finally starting to get the hang of this blogging thing!.. I'm making it one of my New Years resolutions to make at least 3 posts per week...I think I'll be able to stick to that more than I will for my one to go to the gymn..I'll be able to sit doing this.
Anyways. I've been making some of my patterned dichroic pendants today. I love these ones using the textured dichroic glass because when the light hits them they turn all sorts of colours. They can be a bit more tricky to use than normal glass because when the glass melts it can melt and fuse unevenly but the result when it turns out are worth it.

No sooner have we gotten rid of Christmas (the brussel sprouts are still repeating on me!) than Valentines day is upon us! I've been making these Heart Dichroic Pendants for the occasion!... well not just for Valentines day, they are quite cute!

I often get questions about where exactly I learned to fuse glass and how I started. Many glass fusers can be a little bit precious about giving away details, almost as though they're protecting some dark secret.The truth is I taught myself!

I used to teach jewellery making a few years back and stumble upon dichroic glass when I was using beads. I google how it was made and became fascinated! I bought a small Paragon Kiln, a brilliant glass fusing book by Brad Walker called Contemporary Glass Fusing and some glass and away I went.
The company I bought the glass from were excellent, really helpful and I use them as my main supplier now.

I made a hell of a lot of mistakes in the early days and I still do but the learning process is key to coming up with brilliant ideas...or at least ideas that I think are brilliant. There's nothing about glass fusing you can't learn by googling...or by trial and error!

In the coming weeks I'll put some more tutorials up...I'll start with making a simple dichroic pendant, this week.


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