Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bit of an update....!

Well it been a while since I've last posted. That's mainly because I'm so overstretched at the moment! Sadly, I've had to cut down on the amount of work I know produce as my other work commitments have really taken over. The upside to this is I'll now have more time to dedicate to producing new and exciting items as well as some very exciting new ranges, using new techniques i've been able to learn thanks to members of Crafteroo.

I'm now producing a range of stained glass items and i'm also combining handmade candles into my product list to compliment candle arches and tea lights i'm about to start selling- exciting. Anyway- just a brief note to say, i'm back- and now blogging 3 times a week!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

GlassKanvas.com is back online!

After a long break Glass Kanvas is back online! I'm busy adding stock to it and it's a long process but it should be stocked to the brim over the next few weeks!

I'm adding a full catalogue of designs plus the bespoke ones such as Tapestry, Aurora etc that hall become my hallmark!

I'm so busy at the moment. As most of you who read the blog know, I also help run the Crafteroo Craft forum which is a lot more work than it looks! I'm also getting the dichroic glass tutorials site, DichroicGlass.co.uk back in full working order. Helen from Blue Fairy Designs is helping me out a lot with it, i'm sooo grateful! Thanks Helen!!

Another bit of news.... I'm going to be an author! I can't say too much at the moment, but... I'm currently working on 3 (yes 3) books! I'll keep you updated as soon as I know more but the first one is in the bag!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Crafts for Comic Relief

The Crafteroo Craft Forum have teamed up with the UK Craft Auction site Folksy, to help raise funds for Comic Relief.

Organised by Kerry from PennyDog Jewellery, members of the forum have each donated pieces to a collaborative shop of handcrafted items. Folksy in tern, have kindly waived the fees for these items so more funds can go to such a good cause!

Please visit the Crafteroo Comic Relief shop here and help support charity work here and overseas.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

New Crafts Forum

A brand new crafts forum has opened it's doors

Crafteroo is a new forum, part of a larger site to be launched later this year. It's a place were anyone of any crafts discipline can get together and talk shop. It's brand spanking new so go and make yourself at home! The crafts forum is very much in the users hand and new alterations will be added to suit. The only rules are to chill out!!...No bitchiness, no nasty comments, no worries!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Save Money Using Ebay...without getting on seller's nerves!

Ok...so the blog has gone a bit consumer crazy lately but I'm on a bit of a mission!
Anyway... there are plenty of bargains to be had on ebay. Everyone's heard of auction sniper tools...they lurke around auctions putting late bids on things and driving sellers crazy!

There is a way to save money using ebay another way... a bit sneaky...but it's a win-win for you and the seller!

First...hunt down items using spelling errors on ebay...using websites such as

These are great sites to mooch around on as there are loads of items on there with simple spelling errors, meaning that prospective bidders can't find them, therefore next to no (or no) bids!

Next, take a note of the item details and hop on over to BigCrumbs.com . Buy the item at the bargain price you've found it at and buy it via the bigcrumbs site and recieve money back from it!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

How to drive Traffic to your Ebay Store

I've just written an article explaining how to drive traffic to your ebay store or shop. You can read it here .

Drive traffic to your ebay store.

No matter what you sell via ebay, we could all do with ways to boost traffic to ebay and therefore hopefully pick up a few extra sales. I'll add to it as needed so check it out!

Save money using Ebay with BigCrumbs.com!

I stumbled across this excellent site will I was tinkering around on the internet http://www.bigcrumbs.com/ . The idea of the site is simple. Shop and earn money back will you do so! The site works by giving you back some of the money the webshops pay to advertise. There's no tricks or gimmicks....think of it like coupons from a magazine!