Thursday, 13 December 2007

...The Weather Outside is Frightfull

Hello again and Merry Christmas!!...well nearly. Just under 2 weeks to go till Christmas and i'm very festive! I've been a bit busier than expected on the run up to the holidays but things are going well so I can't complain.
I've been working on a few dichroic glass jewellery collections which i'm pleased with. The main one is this one pictured....I call them tartan dichroic glass.

I'll put a tutorial with some pics of the manufacture off the pendants in the next week of so. They look really nice up close because you'll see how the fused glass layers. These are going to be a part of my 'collections' range...mix and match dichroic pendants, dichroic earrings and dichroic bangles designed so people can coordinate their jewellery.
I love this I had to post a picture. I love the texture dichroic glass because as you hold it up you get so many different colours!

This piece is part of my 'patterned' collection of dichroic glass pendants.

More dichroic bangles!

I've had a run on bangles so i'm busy making more up, plus a few relative have asked for one for Christmas presents. These are probably my favourite things to make because I love getting right into the kiln when it's on. Despite the cold my apartment is toasty!
This piece is from my 'Tapestry' dichroic pendants collection....I love this one because of the new aqua dichroic glass's fab!

I'll be making a few more posts this week, i'm feeling very locacious!...Check back for new posts plus a tutorial!
ttfn Phil

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