Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Save Money Using Ebay...without getting on seller's nerves!

Ok...so the blog has gone a bit consumer crazy lately but I'm on a bit of a mission!
Anyway... there are plenty of bargains to be had on ebay. Everyone's heard of auction sniper tools...they lurke around auctions putting late bids on things and driving sellers crazy!

There is a way to save money using ebay another way... a bit sneaky...but it's a win-win for you and the seller!

First...hunt down items using spelling errors on ebay...using websites such as

These are great sites to mooch around on as there are loads of items on there with simple spelling errors, meaning that prospective bidders can't find them, therefore next to no (or no) bids!

Next, take a note of the item details and hop on over to BigCrumbs.com . Buy the item at the bargain price you've found it at and buy it via the bigcrumbs site and recieve money back from it!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

How to drive Traffic to your Ebay Store

I've just written an article explaining how to drive traffic to your ebay store or shop. You can read it here .

Drive traffic to your ebay store.

No matter what you sell via ebay, we could all do with ways to boost traffic to ebay and therefore hopefully pick up a few extra sales. I'll add to it as needed so check it out!

Save money using Ebay with BigCrumbs.com!

I stumbled across this excellent site will I was tinkering around on the internet http://www.bigcrumbs.com/ . The idea of the site is simple. Shop and earn money back will you do so! The site works by giving you back some of the money the webshops pay to advertise. There's no tricks or gimmicks....think of it like coupons from a magazine!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Glass Fusing Kilns

I've been very busy this weekend troubleshooting some new ranges i'm bringing out. I'll try and get some nice piccies on ASAP. When I get a mo i'll try and add some more glass fusing tutorials to the dichroic glass website too.
For the time being though, I've written a guide to buying a glass fusing kiln on ebay so have a look if you're interested!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dichroic Glass Jewellery on Ebay!

Check my latest listings on ebay!

Dichroic Glass Jewellery Making Videos!

Beads By Lilli have given us the honour of being featured in one of their fabs jewellery making videos on You Tube.

Beads by Lilli's web store is jammed packed with jewellery making supplies and anything and everything beady- well worth the look! A few of their handy guides are featured on the dichroic glass tutorials site with more to come. They are excellent quality and make everything look so easy...although perhaps they are a bit more challenging to us lesser mortals!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Glass fusing tutorials!

More tutorials have been added to the Dichroic Glass website-join up and join in!