Thursday, 3 January 2008

wwhoohaaa! Happy New Year

Happy New Year Folks!

I'm writing this from my bed as i'm poorly, poorly sick...boohoo! I've not be able to do much glass fusing work at all this past week so my new years gotten off to a very slow start indeed.I was stuck indoors for the 12oclock peel of the bells to celebrate Liverpool's Capital of Culture status...perhaps it was a good thing!'s a few new pieces I was able to add today....remotely!

I love the shape of these..they're a delicate shape but a bit unusual!

These icon glass pendants are really cute...very deep too so you find yourself starring at them.
On the plus side of the whole 'confined to my bed' thing, i've come up with a few designs that i'm going to get started in a day or so...think magic eye pictures! I've also become addicted to 'stumble upon''s my favourite gem of today
Anyway...back soon and hopefully I'll have something useful to say!

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