Saturday, 29 December 2007

Back to busy busy busy!

Back to work again today...what fun! I love what I do really but the first ten minutes while I get into my stride can be a chore!
My glass suppliers are still on holiday so i'm using up all my scrap glass. I always find that the times when I've got the least amount of glass are the most creative for some reason. Aside from my usual tapestry dichroic pendants, i've been adding some 'icon' dichroic pendants too.

I call these ones icons because they are usually long and thin like an exclaimation mark. I've added a few to my website that are slightly chunkier than usual but I love the mix of coloured glass! They're a lot of work because it takes at least 3 firings to make each one but they're very contemporary looking....I wish I wore my own pieces sometimes but I think it'd look a bit odd on a bloke.

Aswell as using up my scrap i'm also using up all of my seconds. On an earlier blog I mentioned a plate I made from glass cabs...well here's a set of dichroic coasters made from them...I slumped these with a curve so they'd actually be excellent as candle holders.

I got a few differently shaped pieces firing at the moment so i'll post pics when they're done.

I've been spending the evening looking for inspiration on the web. In between chatting on the artforum and ukcraftforum I was on the chutneybeads site. I really love their's always big and the site it's so colourful! I've worked with them before actually, producing glass beads but I might have a go at making some chunky bracelets..they look fab!

Right...i'm off to google a gym to work off the Christmas excess!


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