Thursday, 27 December 2007

It's the end of the year as we know it...

Well at last the madness is over! As much as I love Christmas, you get to about 4pm on Christmas day and wonder what all the fuss was for!

I'm still busy busy busy though! I currently having a dichroic glass jewellery sale. I'm making way for new stock and doing a bit of a stocktake at the same time. I have withdrawal symptoms when I can't turn my kiln on so the sooner I get back to normal the better.

I've been making some extra large dichroic glass pendants and also some dichroic glass earrings...I need to make so many more but time and glass are always in short supply at the moment!

Incase you're not aware, I'm based in the heart of Liverpool City Centre and in the midst of all of the Christmas hubbub the city is busy preparing for it being the 2008 European Capital of Culture. I'm submitting my work to several local organisations the are making the most of the cities focus on 'culture'...whatever that means. ...I'll post the details as soon as/if i'm accepted. For now's a view art/culture/crafts sites in and around the city that i'm currently excited about!-

I'll be back soon...and hopefully with another tutorial.

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