Saturday, 8 December 2007

There are just never enough hours!

All this festivity is slowing down my glass fusing!

I'm still working on five things at once and not finishing anything!

The website is still in it's infancy and i'm still trying to stock it up!...I've had a few orders already which i'm not complaining about at all!...As i'm adding things they're selling!

I've had a run on dichroic glass bangles especially, as well as dichroic glass pendants with sterling findings.

The bracelets are made in 3 firings. The first to fuse the glass, the second to shape them and the third to mold the glass around the bracelet form....I some time then have to refire them to size them up for larger wrists.

These are some i've made that i'm going to make into collection pieces...dichroic glass earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings all made from the same types of glass so they can be mixed and matched. I already make dichroic glass pendant and earrings sets but I wanted to make them more flexible.
I've got an exciting idea that i'm also formulating for next Christmas....combining crafters from different disciplines to produce packs of decorations home accesories etc. Details to follow.

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