Wednesday, 21 November 2007

So much to do little time!

I think I planned the last 4 months of this year very badly!

No thanks to the Royal Mail strike ...which I keep harping on about but that set me back quite a lot. I then decided to launch the web site.. , have a redesign of my ebay site .. ...and try out 9-10 new designs!

When I get a spare few days over Christmas I'll sit down and and really figure this blog thing out but at the moment my days is spent making cufflinks and bangles!...when i'm not doing that i'm adding myself to seo directories so I can scrape myself off pg55 on google (to be fair I'm guessing that that's my ranking...i'm not on pg 1 at least!).

For now though I'll just add a few images of the last few days work and a few helpful links of crafty forums I use..
....both offer a variety of info on most crafts with lots of cross-medium discussions...very helpful and lovely people!
Toodles x

Thursday, 15 November 2007

I don't know why but people seem to be leaving Christmas shopping till the last minute this year. Not like last year when the rush started in August!

I'm trying to expand more into home wares and so i'm exploring the craft forums to see if anyone can inspire me. I'm looking for some candle makers to collaborate with, to perhaps put together some gift hampers for next year (I come up with ideas on the run upto Christmas but forget them by Boxing day!).... I'm thinking some scented candles, on some handmade coasters...with maybe some handmade soaps or some such.

I'm still getting together some pieces for some Christmas Fayres....trying not to be distracted by the Nintendo Wii....i'm getting 3 hours sleep a night!

Today, I have been mostly making (eating ardvarks) earrings and also using different techniques in making the items I already tapestry. I've been encorpoarting stringers etc for a more colourul design

These pendants are one of myfavourite types....I call them 'patchwork' because that's what the initial inspiration came from, patchwork textile. They're quite popular as gifts for people in sewing circles so i'm told!

As part of the Liverpool Capital of Culture i'll be doing some small exhibitions in 2008. I'll update both the site and blog when I nail down the dates but i'm very excited about it. As people who deal with me regularly know, i'm based in the heart of Liverpool....I live over the road from the Liver Building (and conveniantly over a pub) so i'll be very proad to be a part of the fiesta...even if it's on a miniscule scale.



Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Christmas rush is on!... I'm busy, busy getting orders together now for last minute Christmas sellers and crafts fayres. Hopefully this will bring things back to normal after the postage strikes which hit me really hard....but I mustn't moan...people keep telling me. I'm going to be displaying my work at a few fayres before Christmas and i'll put the details up as and when they're confirmed.

I'm hopefully going to be adding some new lines very soon if santa brings me some toys for Christmas.

Here's a few i've added to the site....i'm calling them 'sun-drop' dichroic pendants. They're coloured glass pendants with a few layers of exposed dichroic glass on top....they don't photograph too well but really do look good up close!

I've also been doing lots of my 'signature' pieces...the 'tapestry' pendants. I make these alot and they go down really well...they become quite addictive though!

These are bigger than usual dichroic pieces..don't you just hate paying money for jewellery that you need to go to Jodrell Bank to see!
After the Christmas madness i'm going to start making components for jewellery makers, pmc artists etc....i'll start adding the pics asap and flogging to beading peeps to see how to improve them. I make alot of pendants and earrings but I want to focus more and bracelets etc.
Once i've gotten used to 'blogging' I'll start adding instructions incase anyone is interested in how I make the's not rocket science I promise!
Anyways must go-kiln's beeping

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's late. This is the first time I've really sat down all day because I'm so busy...i've got a few hours work to do before I can stop though!

The problem with working with kilns is that you've really got to timetable your day around firing scheduales...i've spelt that incorrectly but at this point I don't care.

I've working on another order today that i've not been able to get to for a few days because i've not been to well. I shouldn't really be working but to be honest I think it helps. Here's a few pieces from today's lot.....


The cufflinks seem to be popular at the mo...Christmas is coming and I think they're what people buy for 'hard to buy for' dads but i'm not complaining!

I had a bit of an accident in my delirium before involving me grabbing hold of a kiln shelf and misreading the temp read out.....I thought it said actually said 500c. There was some burning, an explosion, some swearing and some general unpleasantness but it's all good now. These little accidents give me enough paranoia about the way I work to make me extra careful in the future!....anyway....

Christmas is coming!....I bought my first Christmas decs from a craft forum..
..I thought they were fab! Nothing says christmas like chickens! They're from is their etsy link. The website link is on the blog and they're soo cute. A like to add a few unusual pieces to me Christmas tree every year to add a bit of character and these certainly have that!...
Anyway, must persevere!.. is taking over my life!

Monday, 5 November 2007

I've gone a bit bangle mad at the moment!...I'm preparing a big order for a gallery and also adding them to my website... .

They take a bit more work but they do become a bit additive once you get the knack of making them. I've been making fused glass pieces for about 3 years now...mainly dichroic. I trawl through the internet for inspiration and came across one artist making something similar.

After a lot of research found out how to do it...but...I needed a new kiln! I'm upto 3 at the moment so space is getting precious! The problem was that my other kilns either had the heating element at the back or top so the pieces weren't fired evenly enough....oh well, if I must I must.

I found a glass supplier with an offer on... and away I went! I can't recommend these guys enough by the way...I pester them on a regular basis and they're so helpful!..Probably the best company I deal with in terms of customer service too!

As soon as I can i'm going to make a load up in a variety of sizes as one revelation has been that no 2 people have similar sizing!

The Christmas rush is now on (finally) so it's back to the mines!

....oo nepotistic plug. We're an arty lot in my family. Check out my sister-in-law's website. She makes fab personalised babywear...she's getting alot of buzz about her work lately and rightly so!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hello...and welcome to my glass kanvas blog!

I've been making and selling fused glass jewellery for a few years now...on ebay and now on my brand new website!.... /

...I've decided to start a blog, mainly because the few random blurbs I put out via ebay seemed to get attention, but also because I wanted to put a more human face to my business. There's a lot of poorly made, mass-produce pieces out there and I just wanted to show by sharing my thoughts on this blog that I produce my work myself...and how much I stress over them!

I'll be adding favourite glass links...suppliers, and other artists whos work I admire as well as other jewellers and crafts links...
...for now though, check out the site and i'll be back very soon!