Friday, 1 February 2008

Ooo New Dichroic Pendants!

Well, I really have been so busy this week trying to keep up!

Things are really quiet in terms of selling...I think the credit cards bills have been stinging people. As a result i've been really slogging myself trying to get things made to sell...whilst trying to get together my paperwork-the tax man cometh!

Anywho-tutorials! I've not done one in a few weeks to i'm going to get a few done over the next week or so. I'll do a troubleshooting guide and another for making dichroic donuts as i've had quite a few emails that i've busy answering!

These are a few images of my new range of dichroic glass jewellery. I'll be adding them to the website soon but for now i'm going to ebay them. I call them scraffito dichroic pendants.

For anyone who doesn't know my rather irratic job history....I used to do a lot of textile art and also studied architecture, although I found the practise of being an architect quite soul destroying. Anyway, I transfered some of the designs I used in my textiles...which were often based on church architecture onto these dichroic pendants.

They're a kind of blend of architectural shapes and stained glass windows. I'm still in the early stages of these designs so i'm hoping they improve but for now i'm happy with their look. I'm expecting some new glass tomorrow with some brand new glass colours from CBS so I can't wait to see how these look with them.

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