Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Spring Cleaning...and a very British Earthquake!

Well, so much to talk about! It's been quite a hectic week all in all so blogging has been a bit on the backburner. Meetings with accountants and advisors are the boring bits of working for myself but very necessary...especially when, like me you can't remember my phone number let alone tax start date...or whatever was said at that meeting.

I'm also trying to knock some sense back into my website which because of other commitments, i've had to neglect for a bit. It'll be back in shape later this week with some very exciting new lines i'm working, i'm going to be displaying some dichroic glass by other artists! There's a small minority or glass artists who are quite hostile to other artists and sellers. I hope through this blog and my growing list of contacts I can slowly dispell that and get a sense of community that should be there!

Anyway. I usually end up working late through the week so was up for the dramatic earthquake that hit Lincoln in the early hours of this morning. When I say dramatic...I mean a few bits of masonry came down in some village (ok, so they landed on someone which must of hurt), but it was hardly the end of the world. I've had curries that looked more threatening..and with the same wobbley effect. Still it proves how luckly we are in Britain to not be at the mercy of nature as much as people in other parts of the world are...although walking down the sea front outside my apartment is like an assault course at times!

Very exciting news this week is that my work is feature on .

Which is indeed an honour to be among such great work! Check it out and add it to your list off faves!


...back tomorrow hopefully with a mini tutorial of making custom dichroic patterns!


Glassprimitif said...

I slept through the earthquake and am disappointed! I feel I missed out on a nsational event!! Glassprimitif

Diamond Core Drill Bits said...

The glass jewelleries were too cute.. I especially liked the pendent..