Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Competition and Gossip!

Just a short one tonight-i'm bushed!
Ok, so the ebay strike is underway!....Nothing has happened though! No change whatsoever and the sky has not fallen in...which is always nice. I'm hoping it forces sellers to be a bit more customer focused and not so bitchy about other sellers. It's definately not as attractive a place to base a business anymore but that has been the case for almost a year now and nothing looks as though it'll change.
I've had more grief from competitors than customers in the past six months. When craftspeople like me make the same items, from the same material some sellers honestly think their work is pioneering and all others, forgery! They get so bent out of shape once started a smear campaign via blogs etc which was quite funny as the spelling was rather...erm...irratic.
Doing this blog I hope people feel they can ask questions and i'll try and respond in as open a way as I can.
Here's a few new designs...domino dichroic pendant and textured glass pendants.

These are quite a contemporary shape, with a double bail...they look great on a choker! There's a load more on my ebay shop.
These are more from my textured dichroic glass jewellery range. They're very tactile and I guarantee they will get lots of admiring looks from the magpies in the office.

I'm giving away this fused glass plate from my dichroic glass website. It's the first of a new selection i'll be putting on soon. It's eight inches square with a slight curve and will look great on any table.

For a chance to win just help me answer the following question in the comments section..
I'm producing a new range of glass jewellery and home accessories based on this style pattern.
What should I call it?

The rules!
Competition ends 26th March and answer will be picked at random from a selection. All inappropiate answers and comments will be removed as nesessary. Postage will be paid for and the prize will be posted within 7 days of the competition close. No replacment will be available in the event of loss or damage whilst in transit. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash alternative. Entry not limited to the UK.


incywincy said...

Oh WOW ... I want that plate! My entry - Patchwork Fusion.

suzi said...

WOW that is LOVELY!! Well done!

My entry - retroclass

Bed Linen said...

These are lovely. I love the plate.

kay said...

Fabulous piece of work - will come back again when you have them on sale!

My entry is Minty Majik

Lesley said...

Home Kanvas

That's all I have, love the plate!

crystal velvet said...


My entry : cubical fusion

Tip Top said...

Wow! How fab is your blog (thanks to incy for pointing us here!)!! My entry - It's Square Jim But Not As We Know It. Well, its the first thing that came into my head!!!!

ger76 said...

oooh lovely!!! Well when I first saw your pics I though wow 'Funky Glass' so thats my sugestion, can't wait to see your other creations :)

kemsley49 said...

Love it

1st Attempt....Moulded Moods Glassware

munchkinbateman said...

Reminds me quite a lot of Klimt's use of pattern. Imagine it in jewel colours and gold/black...gorgeous!
How about Kubist for the name?

Chloe's Designs said...

Hope u don't mind me entering your comp. I sooo love all your stuff. This plate is gorgeous...

My entry: Cuboid Illusion

Focus on Life - Shaz said...

Can I enter more than one? Well I'm gonna anyway!

Kool Kitsch
Groovy Man!

Love it! (sorry thats not an entry, just my observation!)


shanelouise said...

Just discovered your blog! I love wearing your pendants and would love to own this rather stylish plate...

My entry is:

tictac or ticktack (if first has copyright!?)


Bebopcatt said...

Great Plate
my entry is
Neavou Mod

jackieg said...

Lovely plate. I want it!

My entry - Metro.

Anonymous said...

Spearmint Squares!

Hand Held Core Drill said...

I just went through your blog.. It is really nice.. Especially the plate is too cute..