Thursday, 28 February 2008

Simple Custom Dichroic Patterns

Ok, quick tutorial!
I quick and easy way to make custom dichroic patterns...well when you don't have a lazer engraver or sandblasting unit to hand is etching creme. It's not as precise as either of those two but a lot less messy and it's a good way of adding writing to fused glass should you want to..I write like Daniel Day Lewis's right foot so it's not something I'd want...anywho...

First stage is to 'mask' areas you don't want etched. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you want to be precise you can use a stencil or even a sandblasting resist film to mask the dichroic....I think there's not enough time in the world to do that so I use 'sharpie' markers. They're quite effective..if you add a few layer they're even better! ...One cheating way of doing it is you use card making 'peel offs' to make quite a precise design.

I sketched a quick design using the marker...The key word here is 'sketched'. I did this simply for the blog so I wasn't really inspired at this point!

There's a lot of black here but remember to do the design in negative so the creme will take of the unmasked parts.

Here's the creme. You can use it do some interesting effect on glass but use it with caution! Remember to use gloves as it is caustic and wash you hands after use!...We wouldn't want this stuff reaching the parts that other beers can't reach!

This is the dichroic piece afterleaving the creme on for 5 mins....a bit rough and ready I know but it was just for show....and i'm not Picasso. Wash the glass thoroughly.

Here's the etched dichroic glass in a section of one of my jubilee pendants....purty ain't it!

And now for something completely different!

I'll be starting bi-monthly glass fusing classes from my home studio on 30th March. Details available from the website or you can email me at . I'm limiting the number to 4 so everyone gets a decent amount of attention so drop me a line fi you're interested!


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