Monday, 28 January 2008

Sneaky Beakies and a World of Fakery!

My blogging has gone to pot this week sorry! January has been a bit of a blur generally as business is so slow. It's been quite painful in fact!... Part time work, here I come! I started to get really paranoid that it was just me till I started chatting with a few online friends i've made in various forums. It seems the credit crunch has, well..crunched!

On the plus side I made several contacts as a result of the blog...Hello! I've had various emails...wanting advise on kilns, where to buy stock etc. I've also had a few emails from other

glass makers which is always nice. Nice because my experience with fellow glass crafters has been up to this date frosty to say the least.

I had one accuse me of copying her website.... odd, seeing as mine was older, not made by myself, and, well not rubbish. I can say that as I didn't design it myself.

I had another accuse me of copying her designs. When I say designs I should actually say design to be factually correct. She has one which she repeats and lets just say it is not a work of technical genius.

..The last and most recent didn't actually accuse me of anything as such. Instead, he copy and pasted titles, auction details and then wrote an addendum stating that 'other people might use the same title etc but their work is just an inferior copy'. I'm paraphrasing somewhat as his spelling and grammar is terrible. I'm not exactly Chaucer but he makes Jade Goody sound like a scholar.

The point of this blog is mainly to share my work. To share my passion for dichroic glass and if I can help people along the way that's great. Glass fusing isn't a mystical art and people who protect their work like the holy grail are fooling them selves. Everyone brings something new to the pot, no matter what craft they participate in. You can be inspired by someone's work but imagining you can carbon copy another person's work is just plain foolish.

I've had several people get in touch over the week about dichroic pendants on ebay coming mainly from Hong Kong. These are really one of my bug bares as I can't believe people pay money for such crap. I ended writing a ebay guide to fake dichroic and murano in the end. Check it out...I do tend to go on a bit!

Another reason I've not had much time to blog this week has been that i've been busy trying to set up my etsy shop and adding to my website pieces. I had a big order last week which cleared me out of my fused glass bangles which i've been busy restocking.
Anywho...back soon with some new work and a better mood hopefully!


ger76 said...

Great so see you blogging again I just love looking at your creations there are so inspiring, sorry to hear you've had some hassle & hope ti won't deter you from showing your wonderful work!!!
I have just been given a kiln and when I have the time to spend with it I will be trying to master the art of fusing so thank you for a great informative blog :)
Hope usiness picks up for you xx

Anonymous said...

Your work is lovely. I can definitely understand your feelings about people who accuse you of wrong doing where your work is concerned. When I was just starting in glass there weren't too many people around doing the work and some were protective of their methods to put mildly. There was one source I could count on for help and advice, freely given, and it didn't take long for it to dawn on me that it was that attitude that explained why the Parrish brothers had a backlog of orders that was 3-6 months or more. Their love for the work was entirely infectious. I watched as the protective "artists" fell out of business one by one. Their loss is not mourned. I learned a valuable lesson from John and Hugh, and it was that the more you share what you know the more you learn in return. Some of my ideas helped them and I only hope I can give to others as much as I was given.

Diamond Core Drill Bits said...

I still can't believe it..They are looking cute..I would like to purchase it for me..