Saturday, 24 May 2008

Weeeell, what a week!

Things have been so hectic this week that i've not known whether i'm coming or going! The new dichroic glass website and forum is only a week old and going strong! The site stats are really interesting to watch in the background...I can see where people are from and it's coming up some surprising hits...and some not so surprising!
Come and say hello on the dichroic glass forum and make yourself known!

Lee from Kilncare is now watching over the kiln/technical bit for us so all your kiln related queries will get answered by an industry leader!
I'll be starting the first of my monthly competitions this week also. Check out the website for details.

With all the hubbub with the dichroic glass website i've not forgotten either my dichroic jewellery website or ebay shop!

I've added lots more dichroic bangles...and more are coming over the next few days. I'm also adding lots of new dichroic ranges too-so think on!

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