Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Summer's Finally Here!

British weather is a marvellous thing. One second it feels like we're in suburban Antarctic, the next it feels like the Algarve!

The sun is currently cracking the flags and everyone is out an about- hence no-one staying at home buying things from me!- Seriously, it's tragic!

I always notice a downturn in sales when it's sunny so i'm not too concerned-I'm enjoying the weather too much myself!

I'm busy adding to my website and getting things together for a bit of a relaunch. My main sales avenue is ebay and to be fair the whole site is fast going down the drain! So i'm going to concentrate on that -plus the new website!

At the moment i'm doing quite chunky designs with textured dichroic glass. It can be quite a pain using ths type of glass as the clear top you add can pull in, ruining the piece. Conveniently though, i've already done a how-to for the new site so it'll be easy for beginners to tackle using this glass after they read that....if they want. Not that i'm pressuring anyone or anything.

I'm also starting to reintroduce dichroic 'slider' pendants. These pieces are fused with a hole near the top so they'll 'slide' right onto chain etc. They're probably my favourite pieces as they're so thick and full of depth. The finished result can be so random after fusing! I get quite a few questions about these so i'll add a how-to on these to the site as well.

Anyway-it's too blooming nice to be stuck indoors next to the kiln so i'm going far a walk!


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incywincy said...

Wow - That slider pendant is gorgeous!