Saturday, 10 May 2008

Isn't the world a small place?

Doing this blog I get to see/pry where it's readers are from. The results are always quite surprising-Here's a screen shot of the last 2 days visitors. No-one's interested in Greenland! How rude! I'm busy adding bits to my dichroic glass jewellery website as well as my ebay store. Tryng to fit all this in whilst preparing the new site has been tough but thanks to the glorious weather this week i've not been too over stretched-everyone's outside!

Here's a few from my sundrop dichroic pendant range. These are all based on transluscent art glass-very summery! You can get one for every outfit...please!

As well as my ebay site which is my sale site, my website also offers wholesale dichroic glass accounts for resellers so just get in touch!

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