Monday, 12 May 2008

It aint 'alf hot mum!

I'm writing this form the comfort of the park across the way from my apartment. Thanks to the wonders of modern a few wireless networks in the local office blocks I'm able to write outside! Here's the view from my apartment....I was getting jealous!

The British summer last approximately 23 minutes so i'm making the most of it while I can! Having a few kilns in my living room, it can feel a little stiffling in this heat!

I'm gathering news stories for and i'm testing as we speak so hopefully it'll be live and kicking in the next week or so. I'm also beefing up I offer wholesale dichroic glass jewellery accounts so get in touch if you're interested.

Ebay is picking up nicely again now. I've been mulling leaving it for a while. Although prices have come down I think that's largely down to changes that haven't had an effect yet. I've met a lot of lovely people via ebay so it'd be a shame to loose contact with them, I will keep a presence there even if it is reduced. While it's true some fellow sellers can be a little aggressive, most are lovely and I enjoy reaching out to them through this blog....Although one cheeky blighter writes all over the internet criticising plagiarism yet got the know-how on how to make their latest ranges from this blog! ....If they're shooting at you, you must be doing something right!

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