Friday, 11 January 2008

Liverpool Capital of Culture Opening

Bit of a break from the dichroic glass jewellery stuff...

Now that i'm back on my feet I decided to venture out to the opening of the Liverpool Capital Of Culture Year...and it was great!

Now, usually i'm the first to scoff the term 'culture' and Liverpool being in the same sentence. Liverpool for too long has relied on the Beatles for it's cultural smarts but finally we're looking beyond the sixties....too be honest I never really 'got' the Beatles. I made the mistake of saying that too loudly in the pub once and was nearly bounced out!

Liverpool at the moment has got a really strong undercurrent of art and art based programs. It's always has a strong showing in literature, music and art which has too long been ignored. The Liverpool Culture Company and city council have put together a good program of events for the year but it's the people that have the creativity. Ok, so in the crowd there was the ever present 'leafy' smell of the an Amsterdam coffee shop but the tens of thousands that turned out to show the support for the city are the real voice. It's just a shame that the Liberal council we have at the moment are so scared of doing anything exciting and truely inspiring, the year was only saved by the late intervention of Phil Redmond.
I was out there in the cold for an hour or so with the multitudes and the show was excellent with guitar playing absailers, light shows and fireworks keeping us warm.

There were 2 decidedly 'dodgy' bits though; like the collection of so-called celebs wheeled out to waved at us like we were commoners to their scouse royalty, and also the truely awful song by Ringo Star which was nearly enough to see my dinner again. Hideous.

Anywho...back very soon!

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