Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Same old Same old

Just a short one today.... I'm back to work at last so i'm busy, busy, busy!
I'll be adding another tutorial in the next day or so, this time about inclusions...ie metals and other things fused into the glass so check back for more.

The images on this blog are from my latest batch out of the kiln today. I've been working with purple dichroic glass a lot as i'm getting quite a few request for it. I love the look of the textured dichroic pendants in purple. They're really tactile...it's just a shame they don't photograph as well as they look up close.

The other images are pendants from my patchwork dichroic glass pendants...inspired by textiles! I get a lot of quilter after these would you believe!

Since the last few blogs i've recieved a few emails about fashion jewellery, designer jewellery and fused glass jewellery. In particular i've recieved quite a questions about where to find suppliers in the UK. Here's a few bullet points
  • Try www.warm-glass.co.uk for all your fusing supplies. They're cheap, really helpful and offer brilliant service....i'm not on commision I promise but when I come across a great company I think it deserves a mention!
  • Buy Brad Walker's Contemporary Warm Glass...there's a link at the top of the blog. I might be a bit pricey but you'll keep coming back to it time after time...I.still do. It's also packed with images to inspire.
  • Research your kiln!...I'd recommend the Paragon Sc2. There are cheaper kilns but this one has an excellent timer and is programmable....also my one has lasted 4 years now and get used a lot so it's a reliable machine!
  • Don't buy a lot of expensive dichroic till you're confident at both cutting and fusing your glass. Warm-glass offers scrap packs and starter kits to help you get into the swing of things!

Whilst nosing around the internet I came across this excellent blog about jewellery making .. http://www.howtojewellery.co.uk/ . I spent a little too much time on it so need to go do some work!

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