Wednesday, 21 November 2007

So much to do little time!

I think I planned the last 4 months of this year very badly!

No thanks to the Royal Mail strike ...which I keep harping on about but that set me back quite a lot. I then decided to launch the web site.. , have a redesign of my ebay site .. ...and try out 9-10 new designs!

When I get a spare few days over Christmas I'll sit down and and really figure this blog thing out but at the moment my days is spent making cufflinks and bangles!...when i'm not doing that i'm adding myself to seo directories so I can scrape myself off pg55 on google (to be fair I'm guessing that that's my ranking...i'm not on pg 1 at least!).

For now though I'll just add a few images of the last few days work and a few helpful links of crafty forums I use..
....both offer a variety of info on most crafts with lots of cross-medium discussions...very helpful and lovely people!
Toodles x

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