Thursday, 15 November 2007

I don't know why but people seem to be leaving Christmas shopping till the last minute this year. Not like last year when the rush started in August!

I'm trying to expand more into home wares and so i'm exploring the craft forums to see if anyone can inspire me. I'm looking for some candle makers to collaborate with, to perhaps put together some gift hampers for next year (I come up with ideas on the run upto Christmas but forget them by Boxing day!).... I'm thinking some scented candles, on some handmade coasters...with maybe some handmade soaps or some such.

I'm still getting together some pieces for some Christmas Fayres....trying not to be distracted by the Nintendo Wii....i'm getting 3 hours sleep a night!

Today, I have been mostly making (eating ardvarks) earrings and also using different techniques in making the items I already tapestry. I've been encorpoarting stringers etc for a more colourul design

These pendants are one of myfavourite types....I call them 'patchwork' because that's what the initial inspiration came from, patchwork textile. They're quite popular as gifts for people in sewing circles so i'm told!

As part of the Liverpool Capital of Culture i'll be doing some small exhibitions in 2008. I'll update both the site and blog when I nail down the dates but i'm very excited about it. As people who deal with me regularly know, i'm based in the heart of Liverpool....I live over the road from the Liver Building (and conveniantly over a pub) so i'll be very proad to be a part of the fiesta...even if it's on a miniscule scale.



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