Monday, 5 November 2007

I've gone a bit bangle mad at the moment!...I'm preparing a big order for a gallery and also adding them to my website... .

They take a bit more work but they do become a bit additive once you get the knack of making them. I've been making fused glass pieces for about 3 years now...mainly dichroic. I trawl through the internet for inspiration and came across one artist making something similar.

After a lot of research found out how to do it...but...I needed a new kiln! I'm upto 3 at the moment so space is getting precious! The problem was that my other kilns either had the heating element at the back or top so the pieces weren't fired evenly enough....oh well, if I must I must.

I found a glass supplier with an offer on... and away I went! I can't recommend these guys enough by the way...I pester them on a regular basis and they're so helpful!..Probably the best company I deal with in terms of customer service too!

As soon as I can i'm going to make a load up in a variety of sizes as one revelation has been that no 2 people have similar sizing!

The Christmas rush is now on (finally) so it's back to the mines!

....oo nepotistic plug. We're an arty lot in my family. Check out my sister-in-law's website. She makes fab personalised babywear...she's getting alot of buzz about her work lately and rightly so!


incywincy said...

Thanks BIL X

Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh - nice bracelets :)