Sunday, 3 August 2008

New Crafts Forum

A brand new crafts forum has opened it's doors

Crafteroo is a new forum, part of a larger site to be launched later this year. It's a place were anyone of any crafts discipline can get together and talk shop. It's brand spanking new so go and make yourself at home! The crafts forum is very much in the users hand and new alterations will be added to suit. The only rules are to chill out!!...No bitchiness, no nasty comments, no worries!


SNOW QUEEN said...

No bitchiness and nasty comments..
Just what I like.
Hello to all the clever "crafty" people out there, whatever you make?
I am a budding Warm Glass Artist, self taught and loving every minute,(I definately do not see the point of bitching about other peoples work or style!)
Keep up the good work everyone,the world is a brighter place with Arts and Crafts!

Shelmodine said...

Here here!!!

Mizé said...

Hi. I found your blog trough a video in Youtube.
I have a blog about Glass Art in Portuguese at:
I like your work with the pendants so much that I decided to post the video.
Now that I found your blog I´ll visit more often. Also, I´m looking for link partners related to Glass Art. I´d be honoured to have your link in my sidebar.
Best Regards.

Chloe's Designs said...

Hi, Ooh - sounds like a cool forum. I'm on my way to check it out now : - )
I hope it's okay that I tagged you on my blog : - )

Glamglass said...

Hi Just so you know, I have tagged you!!