Monday, 9 June 2008

Glass Fusing Classes

I've had a hectic weekend hence a lack of new posts for a while. I've been busy making alterations to the new glass fusing and lampworking forum , plus I had one of my glass fusing classes on Sunday.

I'm really pleased with the work people turned out. Really impressive for new fusers!

The people who came were great and really enthusiastic. I purposely keep the classes small because I have tendancy to baffle people initially. Keeping the numbers small means I can respond to confused faces quickly!
I think this will be my last class for a while. I'm just so busy, but I'll put the details up here again once I restart.


1 comment:

Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Phil,
I hope my work didn't put you off doing classes forever!!!
Not the greatest way to start the day (hangover)
Really pleased with my creations so far!!
I think the tack fuse one will called "Hungover" in Memory of a great day!!!
Take care